Didactic secretary


This unity organizes all teaching activities of the Department in Cognitive sciences, psychology, education and cultural studies, and supports the students in their study programme. Beside of this, it assists the teaching staff in every administrative task belonging to didactic. Among the services this unity offers: ESSE3 system, Teaching register, lesson and examinations schedule, IT services, thesis assignments, relationships with the University computing centre; management and update of the offical website; planning of internships and stages; students' guidance etc.
Every communication on issues about registering for examination on ESSE3 system must be sent by official e-mail of UniMe  to Maria Cama (mcama@unime.it), Via Bivona, - 98124, Messina - 090-6766080. 

Address: Via Concezione, 6 - Messina - I piano


Francesco Toscano
e-mail: francesco.toscano@unime.it
1st floor Dip. COSPECS - Via Concezione 6/8 - Messina
Tel. + 39 090 676 5140

Contact persons for Teaching register and ESSE3 system

Maria Leo
Email: maria.leo@unime.it
1st floor Dip. COSPECS - Via Concezione 6/8 - Messina
Tel. + 39 090 676 5042

Maria Cama
Email: maria.cama@unime.it
1st floor Dip. COSPECS - Via Bivona - Messina
Tel. + 39 090 676 6080

Rosaria Lopresti (Procedure riconoscimento CFU studenti - Supporto amministrativo e cura Verbali consigli CDS)

Vincenzo Pergolizzi (Tirocini)